The global scenario of Poker 99 and its gameplay

Gone are the days when people would take a trip down Las Vegas Avenue and find themselves amidst one of the poshest casinos with a dealer at the other end. Recent times have seen a paradigm shift in the outreach of online gaming communities with the most successful one being ‘Online Poker.’

Scenario Of Online Poker

With respect to today’s scenario, poker 99 currently has more than 80 verified platforms excluding mobile apps on Android and iOS alone. Most enthusiasts when interviewed labeled these platforms as an easy means of earning a quick buck while others thought of it mostly as a way to spend their free time. Looking at the industry from a developer’s point of view it serves as a source of steady income with most of the revenue being generated through online advertisement. With these sites assured a steady footfall there seems to be no dearth of companies looking to publicize their content through the means of poker sites.

pros and cons of poker games

What are the various pros and cons of poker games?

With its many pros, the concept of ‘Online Poker’ does come with an equally noticeable set of drawbacks with the most widely debated one being the legality and questionability of ethics involved. Similar to other forms of online communication the industry has faced flak over the theft of information specifically pertaining to an individual’s banking and transactional details. Some critics have rightly pointed out to the fact that the experience of sitting at an actual table and playing cards are unparalleled and that the futile efforts of developers will eventually go in vain. Experts of the game have also gone to the extent of calling the online versions as fraudulent in many ways.

Irrespective of the pros and cons of ‘Online Poker’ along with people’s apprehensions, statistically speaking the industry has done fairly well in terms of monetary aspects and has succeeded at capturing the attention of a substantially large audience while providing them an indulging experience. Not only is it serving a dual purpose as an entertainment venture but has led to the generation of employment and is the primary source of income for many. The industry faces no immediate threat in the near future at least and is looking at ways and means to increase their following. Only time will tell the course of this innovative yet controversial venture.