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Boat Rentals Kelowna What do you want to know about beautiful Kelowna, Canada? Are you a resident, or are you considering a visit to our fair region? When it's information about Kelowna you desire, this is the best place to be. We can tell you about tourist attractions, lodging, restaurants, libraries, galleries and boat rentals Kelowna.

In Kelowna, we're all about life close to the water. Our city's coat of arms features a grizzly bear and a seahorse, giving you some idea of the way the good people of Kelowna live happily alongside nature. The town of Kelowna takes its name from the Okanagan word for 'grizzly bear.' Okanagan Lake sits serenely nearby, although many people say a sea monster known as Ogopogo dwells therein. If you're up for an adventure for the whole family, ask us about boat rentals. Kelowna is a wonderful town in British Columbia. We're in the same time zone as the Pacific coast, so if you're traveling northward from California, Oregon or Washington State, you won't be forced to deal with jet lag at all.

In Kelowna, we enjoy sunny summers, cloudy winters and all four seasons. Boat rentals Kelowna are just one of the many things we can tell you about here at Travel Kelowna. We're exceedingly proud of our little Canadian city, and we love to tell potential visitors all about it. We make it easy for you to locate information that will assist you as your plot your course to lovely Kelowna, British Columbia.  There's a lot of marvelous things to see and places to visit on this planet. If you're hoping to find something a bit offbeat and very special, you have landed on the perfect website. We know all about Kelowna, Canada. If your questions are not answered here, give us a call at 250.469.4639 Boat Rentals Kelowna
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